River cruise from Astrakhan to Moscow 2022


    Enjoy a fourteen-day cruise along the Volga river and discover the national magnificence of Russian culture and nature. Leaving Astrakhan, you will sail through the most beautiful and breath-taking landscapes and alight to explore architectural and historical sights of many towns and cities along the way. This Volga cruise represents a unique chanceto see different wonderful parts of Russia in one journey,who pretends to leave a lasting impression even on the most capricious traveler.

    languages on board
    German, English, Spanish, French, Italian
    Program14 days 13 nights

    Day 1

    / September 29, 2022

    The first day is an arrival day. Welcome on board!Check-in starts at 14:00 (2.00 PM), but you may arrive earlier or lateron that day. The first day is a relaxing one for our guests to unpackand to get ready for the following days full of emotions. The programfor the evening and the onboard ABC will be waiting for you in the cabin. Snacks and welcome soup will be available for guests in the bar.

    MEALS: dinner (for late arrivals lunchboxes is provided instead)

    Transfer airport-ship is available for extra charge upon request

    Day 2

    / September 30, 2022

    Located about 100km from the Caspian Sea, this city dates from the 13th century. Originally, it was a key Golden Horde city and later the capital of the Khanate of ASTRAKHAN. Destroyed by Ivan the Terrible's forces, this Tatar city was rebuilt by the Russians and became an important trading center. These days the focus is on the sturgeon trade and the production of caviar. Visit the striking white Kremlin built during the reign of Ivan the Terrible, visit local museums or enjoy a walk along the beautiful riverfront. Today our ship starts the cruise and leaves Astrakhan to visit Volgograd. After departing the Captain will invite you for a glass of sparkling wine during the Welcome cocktail, where he will introduce the heads of departments and will raise a toast for a memorable cruise. A delicious Welcome dinner and the first on-board concert will follow.


    Day 3

    / October 1, 2022

    An exclusive day without landings is waiting for you. It's a perfect occasion to feel refreshment of mind and body in the cabin and on the Sun deck admiring the spellbinding scenery. Or you can enjoy numerous activities organized by the crew members: various workshops, cooking classes, souvenir shop lecture, Russian language class, Russian history class, yoga training course. As for the evening entertainments, please cometo the bars to listen to live classical music or to dance.

    Day 4

    / October 2, 2022

    VOLGOGRAD is a Hero City. No visit to Russia is complete without stopping to pay one's respects this place, where the famous Battleof Stalingrad took place, lasting 200 days and nights, forever changingthe course of the Great Patriotic War. Take a guided sightseeing tourto see the memorandum of the fierce battles at the Mamaev Kurgan,the monument "Motherland is Calling!" and the monument-ensemble"To the Heroes of the Stalingrad Battle". The atmosphere cutsto the heart... After departing we suggest you devoting your afternoon time to master class of painting traditional Russian doll matryoshka, Russian songs class, yoga training course, Russian history class or Russian dance class.



    Day 5

    / October 3, 2022

    Today you'll have opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphereof SARATOV, the home of the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin and a former closed city due to its manufacture of military aircraft. During the bus city tour, you will discover the most famous sites as the Conservatoire designed in a Neo-Gothic style and the Drama Theatre named after Ivan Slonov,one of the oldest theatres in Russia. As for the end of the day, please havea good time with entertainment program on board: Russian poetry, Russian history class, yoga training course, live classical music or dance music in bars.



    Day 6

    / October 4, 2022

    Discover an exclusive tour on the Captain's Bridge and other activitieson board provided by crew members before arriving at SAMARA -an attractive destination in which you can spend several hours admiringits many historical landmarks. The life of Samara's citizens has always been intrinsically linked to the Volga river, which has not only served as the main commercial thoroughfare of Russia throughout several centuries,but also has great visual appeal. Samara's river-front is one of the favorite recreation places for local citizens and visitors. Bus city tour accompanied by local guide and visit of Art gallery will be kindly organized for you.In the evening on board, please, come to the bars to dance or to listento the classical music.



    Day 7

    / October 5, 2022

    No cruise of the lower Volga river is complete without a stop in enchanting KAZAN - the capital city of the Republic of Tatarstan. It has a fascinating past: founded by the Mongols, occupied by the Golden Horde, proclaimed of the capital of the Khanate of Kazan and at the end conqueredand by force and brought into the Russian Empire in the mid-16th century by Ivan the Terrible. This multifaceted history city represents today charming blend of Muslim and Christian cultures - a unique mix that we invite you to see during the bus city tour with visit of Kremlin grounds.



    Day 8

    / October 6, 2022

    Today's destination is the capital of the Chuvash republic in the Volga region. CHEBOKSARY was founded in the middle of the fifteenth century, but it was a backwater until the coming of the railway in 1939. As a result, there are a lot of ancient churches and monasteries and you'll see manyof them during your guided bus city tour, for example Vvedensky cathedral (1657) and Saint-Trinity monastery (1566). Here's alsoan excellent view to be had in the middle of the city of a pretty baywhich has become a very popular gathering place for the local people.After the leaving Chekoksary you are kindly invited to yoga training course and after dinner - to the evening show.



    Day 9

    / October 7, 2022

    We suggest you having fun on napkin folding class or quiz on Russian culture before arriving in NIZHNY NOVGOROD - the fifth largest cityin Russia. There are more than six hundred unique historic, architectural, and cultural monuments in the city leading the way for UNESCO to include Nizhny Novgorod in the list of 100 cities of the world which are of great historical and cultural value. Take a guided sightseeing tour and seethe most popular and splendid places especially Kremlin grounds (1500-1511), with its red-brick towers and impressive magnificent views of the Volga and the Oka Rivers. After excursions in typical Russian region there is nothing more atmospheric to taste traditional dishes – welcometo Russian dinner on board!



    Day 10

    / October 8, 2022

    Today you'll have opportunity to explore two wonderful cities in a day. Firstly YAROSLAVL: founded in the 1010 by Prince Yaroslav the Wise and one of the ancient Russian cities making up the Golden Ring. Bus city tour, free time on the local market, outside view of Church of St Elijahthe Prophet, inside visit of Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworkerand interactive tour of former Governor's House (Art Gallery) will be organized for you along the stay. After lunch and Russian songs class onboard, the ship reaches the port of atmospheric town KOSTROMA located where the Kostroma River joins the Volga, part of the famous Golden Ring around Moscow. During the bus city tour, you will visit Ipatievskiy Monastery and Trinity Cathedral, founded in the latter part of the 18th Century. To relax at the end of this full busy day you are kindly invited to assist on evening show and in bars to dance or to listen to the classical music.







    Day 11

    / October 9, 2022

    Don't miss the superb view as we approach along the Volga River especially when the boat moors to UGLICH. It's about the foundedin 1148 city, highlights include the Cathedral of the Resurrectionand St. John's Church which dominate the horizon. At the endof the 16th century, the seventh wife of the Tsar Ivan the Terrible livedin honorary exile in the Kremlin of Uglich. You will have the walking city tour with a local guide and you will visit Kremlin, Dmitry on the Blood Church and Transfiguration Cathedral. After departing, you'll have free time on board that our crew members will be glad to help you to spend interestingly and efficiently: Russian language, songs and history classes on your choice! If you are dancer and singer or owner of any others talents, you are welcome for the rehearsal of the Talent Showthat will take place at the end of the day! This is an important and busy day for our guests: in the evening you will be invited to the Farewell cocktail followed by a stylish Captain`s Gala Dinner.



    Day 12

    / October 10, 2022

    Today our ship comes to the final destination – the capital of Russia. But before arriving our board guides invite you to drop in the Round Table where they will be glad to answer every question you have about livingin Russia. As for MOSCOW, even if you have already been here, don't neglect to see it again: bright, elegant, always festive and unlike anything else. This is a city with a character that embodies the diversity of culture, nationalities and traditions of all the country. Join the bus city tour with a local guide to admire the most popular and beautiful placesof the capital and delve into Moscow's fascinating past. You will alsobe able to view the Byzantine splendor of St. Basil's multi-colored onion-domed cathedral, in nearby Red Square.

    Day 13

    / October 11, 2022

    The last day of the voyage is devoted to visit of Tretyakov Art gallery. The world-famous gallery contains works of Russian art from the 10th century up until present day. You will view exquisite Russian iconsand paintings from the 18th and 19th century including works by Rublyov, Karavak, Vishnyakov, Nikitin, Antropov, Levitsky, Kiprensky, Tropinin, Fedotov, Repin and many others. To have a good time in the free afternoon some optional tours and visits will be offered to you for extra charge upon the prior request.

    Day 14

    / October 12, 2022

    Check-out after breakfast. If needed, the luggage can be storedat the reception area while you are waiting for your transfer to the airport. We hope that you will keep warm memories from your Volga cruiseon MS CRUCELAKE!

    MEALS: breakfast (for early departures boxed lunch is provided)

    Transfer to airport is available for extra chargeupon the prior request

    Kindly note that this is a preliminary program
    The list and sequence of the proposed activities may slightly differ from one cruise to another.
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    Comfortable 7.6 sq. m cabin with a clever layout and a fixed river-view window that does not open.

    Equipment: private facilities, wardrobe, AC, fridge, radio, TV, hairdryer

    € 2,614 per person
    Junior suite with balcony Boat deck
    ▪︎  twin beds + sofa

    Spacious cabin (17.5–21 sq. m) featuring a private 6–8 sq. m balcony with a sun lounge zone. Has a hotel-style twin or double bed and a sofa to accommodate 4 people in total.

    Equipment: private facilities, wardrobe, fridge, radio, TV, hairdryer, armchair, sofa, safe, table

    € 3,543 per person
    single occupation: +100%
    3rd person: -30%
    4th person: -30%
    Deluxe with balcony Boat deck
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    Deluxe cabin (16 sq. m) featuring an outdoor balcony with a sun lounge zone to enjoy the scenery. Has a hotel-style twin or double bed and a sofa.

    Equipment: private facilities, wardrobe, fridge, radio, TV, hairdryer, 2 armchairs or a sofa, safe, table, banquette

    € 3,171 per person
    single occupation: +100%
    3rd person: -30%
    Deluxe without balcony Boat deck
    ▪︎  twin beds or double bed

    Beautifully designed river-view cabin (14 sq. m) featuring a hotel-style transformable twin or double bed, and a large picture window that slides open.

    Equipment: private facilities, wardrobe, fridge, radio, TV, hairdryer, 2 armchairs, safe, table

    € 2,800 per person
    single occupation: +100%
    Single with balcony Boat deck
    ▪︎  1 bed + bunk bed

    Small but comfortable cabin with a balcony with sun zone lounge to ensure a great view. Has an extra bunk bed.

    Equipment: private facilities, wardrobe, AC, fridge, radio, TV, hairdryer, armchair

    € 2,986 per person
    2nd person: -30%

    our price includes:

    ● accommodation on the cruise in chosen cabin category

    ● guaranteed languages for FIT sales listed above

    ● transfers to/from the ship on embarkation/disembarkation days for groups of 25 pax+

    ● excursion program detailed in the cruise itinerary (optional tours are available for the

    pre booking and onboard)

    ● daily international entertainment on board: concerts, lessons, master classes, movies,

    captain’s cocktail and dinner

    ● luggage handling onboard the ship

    ● use of cabin safe (deluxe or Junior Suite cabins)

    our price does not include

    ● travel insurances

    ● port tax (35€ pppc)

    ● optional excursions (available on board)

    ● gratuities (recommended 7€ pppd for the crew and 2€

    pppd for a cruise director)

    ● personal spendings

    ● cabin numbers are provided 7 days before the cruise

    or at 50€ supplement per person when booking

    included meals

    ● full board, three meals per day onboard (from the dinner on the arrival day to the breakfast on the departure day

    ● breakfast is buffet style, lunch and dinner are with fixed menu with possibility to choose courses

    ● breakfast to the cabin is possible (from 07:00 to 11:00)

    ● water, tea/coffee for all meals. 1 shot of vodka OR 1 glass of wine (white/ red) OR 1 glass of juice per each dinner

    ● complimentary bottle of water (0.5l) in cabin on arrivals day/ in deluxe and JS cabins replenished daily

    ● there is a coffee-station onboard the ship available for guests from 06:00 till 19:00

    ● early risers breakfast with tea/ coffee and cookies

    ● welcome cocktail (hereon the start of the navigation), Captain’s farewell dinner with a special menu, “Russian tea ceremony”, BBQ outdoors in Mandrogui

    (instead of lunch onboard, subject to the weather conditions)

    ● hot/cold drinks (depending on weather) upon returning to ship after shore excursion